Having My Wisdom Teeth Out (UK)

I have never been under general anaesthetic before, and was shitting bricks about getting my wisdom teeth out. As soon as I found out I wouldn’t be as loopy as American’s are post-surgery, I became less excited too. I thought I’d at least get a hilarious video out of it.

IMG_1772.JPG  IMG_1771.JPG

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21 Things I’ve Achieved at 21.

I recently turned 22, and was thinking back on my year as 21. I achieved an insane amount. I know this post is a bit ‘hey look at me, I’m great!’, but I don’t allow myself to do this much, so gimme a break 😉 ✨


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The time I finished my new job on Sunday evening, and quit first thing on Monday morning.

So, I was a student at university and very, very broke. My bank account was looking so damn miserable, that I decided it was time to juggle my full-time course, my occasional babysitter/tutoring role as well as a part-time job.

IMG_1110.JPG  IMG_1111.JPG

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May Favourites.

May has been a month of self-care for me. I’ve been trying to keep fit as well as take care of my physical appearance. Here are just a few things that have made it a little easier to self-care in May.

IMG_1113.JPG  IMG_1157.JPG

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My 5k, and a question to runners.

In April, I decided I was unhappy with my weight, and I went for a run. Mind you, it was only a short run- A 2km which averaged 7 minutes per km. Shortly after my first run, I decided I would set myself a goal to be able to do 5km by the end of May. I signed myself up for a 5km run in Hyde Park, and trained 4-6 times a week.

IMG_1093.JPG  IMG_1079.JPG

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